October 2011

October 2011 [5(11) 2011]

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Australian Journal of Crop Science (AJCS)
A morphological and phenological comparison of chestnut (Castanea) cultivars ‘Serdar’ and ‘Marigoule’

Umit Serdar, Husnu Demirsoy, Leyla Demirsoy

Pages 1311-1317
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Analysis of aroma and yield components of aromatic rice in Malaysian tropical environment

Faruq Golam, Y. Hui Yin, A. Masitah, N. Afnierna, Nazia Abdul Majid, Norzulaani Khalid, Mohamad Osman

Pages 1318-1325
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Microwave antenna sensing technique for determination of moisture content in Hevea Latex from Hevea Brasiliensis tree

Ali Hamad Ali, Zulkifly Bin Abbas, Jumiah Bint Hassan, Ashry Bin Jusoh, and Rahima Bt Mustapa Zahari

Pages 1326-1333
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Change in activity of antioxidative enzymes in young leaves of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) by application of super absorbent synthetic polymers under drought stress condition

H. Nazarli, M.R. Zardashti, R. Darvishzadeh, M. Mohammadi

Pages 1334-1338
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Deflowering effect on vasculature and yield attributes in raceme of mungbean [Vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek]

M. Monjurul Alam Mondal, Md. Solaiman Ali Fakir, A.K.M.Azad-ud-doula Prodhan, Mohd. Razi Ismail and M. Ashrafuzzaman

Pages 1339-1344
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The possible replacement of calcite by calcareous sludge of paper mill in amending cultivated soil of white mulberry (Ichinoife variety)

Mohammadi Torkashvand A.

Pages 1345-1349
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Critical period of weed control in soybean (Glycine max) as influenced by starter fertilizer

G. R. Mohammadi and F. Amiri

Pages 1350-1355
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Morphological, anatomical, and physiological characteristics involved in development of the large culm trait in rice

Li-Li Wu, Zhong-Li Liu, Jun-Min Wang, Cong-Yi Zhou, and Kun-Ming Chen

Pages 1356-1363
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Identification of drought induced differentially expressed genes in barley leaves using the annealing control-primer-based GeneFishing technique

Ki-Won Lee, Gi Jun Choi, Ki-Yong Kim, Hee Chung Ji, Rashed Zaman and Sang-Hoon Lee

Pages 1364-1369
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Effects of organic manure and chemical fertilizers on crops in the radish-stem amaranth-Indian spinach cropping pattern in homestead area

M.M. Islam, A.J.M.S. Karim, M. Jahiruddin, Nik M. Majid, M.G. Miah, M. Mustaque Ahmed and M.A. Hakim

Pages 1370-1378
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Intra-host competition and interactions between Soybean mosaic virus (SMV) strains in mixed-infected soybean

Tae-Young Hwang, Soon-Chun Jeong, Oksun Kim, Hyang-Mi Park, Seuk-Ki Lee, Min-Jung Seo, Man-Soo Choi, Yu-Young Lee, Hong-Tai Yun, Young-Up Kwon, Wook Han Kim, Yul-Ho Kim

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Response of local and commercial tomato cultivars and rootstocks to Meloidogyne javanica infestation

Christos I. Rumbos, Ebrahim M. Khah, Naved Sabir

Pages 1388-1395
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Genetic variation among Iranian sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) accessions vis-ŕ-vis exotic genotypes on the basis of morpho-physiological traits and RAPD markers

Iman Tabatabaei, Leila Pazouki, Mohammad Reza Bihamta, Sadolla Mansoori, Mokhtar Jalali Javaran and Ülo Niinemets

Pages 1396-1407
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Genetic analysis of plant height and its components in diallel crosses of bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

J.B. Yao, H.X. Ma, L.J. Ren, P.P. Zhang, X.M.Yang, G.C.Yao, P.Zhang and M.P. Zhou

Pages 1408-1418
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A comparative study of screening methods for tolerance to aluminum toxicity in pigeonpea [Cajanus cajan (L.) Millspaugh] 

Arbind Kumar Choudhary, Dharmendra Singh, Jitendra Kumar

Pages 1419-1426
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Effects of fluorescent Pseudomonads for control of damping-off disease of cantaloupe caused by Phytophthora drechsleri

Tabarraei M, J. Amini and B. Harighi

Pages 1427-1433
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Allelopathic potential of sunflower on weed management in safflower and wheat

Pejman Nikneshan, Hassan Karimmojeni, Morteza Moghanibashi and Nayereh al sadat Hosseini

Pages 1434-1440
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Physiological responses of soybean (Glycine max L.) to zinc application under salinity stress

Weria Weisany, Yousef Sohrabi, Gholamreza Heidari, Adel Siosemardeh, Kazem Ghassemi-Golezani

Pages 1441-1447
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Study on genetic diversity of Gibberella moniliformis and G. intermedia from corn and rice, and determination of fertility status and of mating type alleles

Elham Mohammadian, Mohammad Javan-Nikkhah, Seyyed Mahmoud Okhovvat, Keyvan Ghazanfari

Pages 1448-1454
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Review article

Traditional and novel references towards systematic normalization of qRT-PCR data in plants

Vinod Kumar, R. Sharma, P. C. Trivedi, Govind K. Vyas and V. Khandelwal

Pages 1455-1468
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Encapsulation of shoot tips in alginate beads containing salicylic acid for cold preservation and plant regeneration in sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.)

Seyede Sharifeh Salehi Katouzi, Ahmad Majd, Fathollah Fallahian, Francoise Bernard

Pages 1469-1474
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Genetic variations associated with salt tolerance detected in mutants of KDML105 (Oryza sativa L. spp. indica) rice

Cattarin Theerawitaya, Kanokporn Triwitayakorn, Chalermpol Kirdmanee, Duncan R. Smith and Kanyaratt Supaibulwatana

Pages 1475-1480
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Hinokitiol and activated charcoal  influenced microtuberization and growth of potato (solanum tuberasum cv. Agria) plantlets in vitro

Hassan. Maleki Lajayer,  Behrooz. Esmaielpour, Esmaiel. Chamani

Pages 1481-1485
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Mid-Season water stress on yield and water use of Millet (Panicum miliaceum) and Sorghum (Sorghum bicolour L. Moench)

Yves Emendack, Helmut Herzog, Klaus-Peter Götz, Dariusz P. Malinowski

Pages 1486-1492
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