February 2011

February 2011 [5(2) 2011]

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Australian Journal of Crop Science

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Identification of new microsatellite marker linked to the grain filling rate as indicator for heat tolerance genes in F2 wheat population

Mohamed Najeb Barakat, Abdullah Abdlulaziz Al-Doss, Adel Ahmed Elshafei, Khaled Ahmed Moustafa

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An approach to estimate moisture content of apple with image processing method

Farshad Vesali, Masoud Gharibkhani and Mohmmad Hasan Komarizadeh

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Head and stover contribution to digestible dry matter yield on grain and dual-purpose sorghum crop

M. Torrecillas, M.A. Cantamutto, L.M. Bertoia

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Foliar anatomy and micromorphology of Polygonum minus Huds. and their taxonomic implications

Hamidun Bunawan, Noraini Talip, Normah M. Noor

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Study on effective moisture diffusivity, activation energy and mathematical modeling of thin layer drying kinetics of bell pepper

Amin Taheri-Garavand, Shahin Rafiee, Alireza Keyhani

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Responses of hybrid and open pollinated sunflowers (Helianthus annuus L.) to defoliation

Taskin Polat, Hakan Özer, Erdogan Öztürk

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Association of canopy temperature depression with yield of durum wheat genotypes under supplementary irrigated and rainfed conditions

Rahmatollah Karimizadeh, Mohtasham Mohammadi

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Morphology, anatomy and trichome properties of Lamium truncatum Boiss. (Lamiaceae) and their systematic implications

Ferhat Celep, Ahmet Kahraman, Zeynep Atalay, Musa Dogan

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Free amino acid profile in Malus domestica cv Annurca apples from the Campania region and other Italian vegetables

Antimo Di Maro, Roberta Dosi, Luigia Ferrara, Micaela Rocco, Joseph Sepe, Giovanna Ferrari and Augusto Parente

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Application of supervised feature selection methods to define the most important traits affecting maximum Kernel water content in maize

A. Shekoofa, Y. Emam, M. Ebrahimi, E. Ebrahimie

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Auxin inhibits the outgrowth of tiller buds in rice (Oryza sativa L.) by downregulating OsIPT expression and cytokinin biosynthesis in  nodes

Yang Liu, Junxu Xu, Yanfeng Ding, Qiangsheng Wang, Ganghua Li, and Shaohua Wang

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Effect of bio-phosphate and chemical phosphorus fertilizer accompanied with micronutrient foliar application on growth, yield and yield components of maize (Single Cross 704)

Khatoon Yosefi, Mohammad Galavi, Mahmod Ramrodi and Sayed Rroholla Mousavi

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Identification of physical and biochemical characteristic of mandarin (Citrus reticulata) fruit infected by Huanglongbing (HLB)

Hajivand Shokrollah, Thohirah Lee Abdullah, Kamaruzaman Sijam and Siti Nor Akmar Abdullah

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Prediction of corn yield loss due to different redroot pigweed density and irrigation level using empirical models

Mohsen Edalat, Hossein Ghadiri, Habiballah Hamzehzarghani, Seyed Abdolreza Kazemeini

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Effect of irrigation water deficit on antioxidant activity and yield of some sunflower hybrids

Alireza Pourtaghi, Farokh Darvish, Davod Habibi, Gorbane Nourmohammadi, Jahanfar Daneshian

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Effect of alternate irrigation on root-divided Foxtail Millet (Setaria italica)

H. Heidari Zooleh, M. R. Jahansooz, I. Yunusa, S.M.B. Hosseini, M.R. Chaichi, A.A. Jafari

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In vitro mutagenesis, plant regeneration and characterization of mutants via RAPD analysis in Baby's breath Gypsophila paniculata  L.

M. N. Barakat and Heba El-Sammak

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Morphological and anatomical properties of Lathyrus cilicicus Hayek & Siehe (sect. Platystylis, Fabaceae) from the mediterranean  region of Turkey

Ferhat Celep, Hüseyin Çildir, Ahmet Kahraman, Musa Dogan, Evren Cabi

Pages 223-226  PDF Full text