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December 2011 [5(13) 2011]

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Australian Journal of Crop Science (AJCS)
Effect of nodal position on rachis morphology and yield attributes in raceme of mungbean [Vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek]

M. Monjurul Alam Mondal, Md. Solaiman Ali Fakir, A.K.M.Azad-ud-doula Prodhan, Mohd. Razi Ismail and M. Ashrafuzzaman

Pages 1685-1691
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Effects of shallow water tables on the water use and yield of winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) under rain-fed condition

Tiegang Liu, Yi Luo

Pages 1692-1697
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Growth and physiology of yarrow species Achillea millefolium cv. Cerise Queen and Achillea filipendulina cv. Parker Gold at optimum and limited moisture

Shad Khan Khalil, Rolston St. Hilaire, Ahmad Khan, Abdur Rehman, John G. Mexal

Pages 1698-1706
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Convective drying of garlic (Allium sativum L.): Part I: Drying kinetics, mathematical modeling and change in color

Majid Rasouli, Sadegh Seiiedlou, Hamid R. Ghasemzadeh and Habibeh Nalbandi

Pages 1707-1714
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An evaluation of genetic differentiation in rice mutants using semi-random markers and morphological characteristics

Alireza Babaei, Ghorban-Ali Nematzadeh, Hamidreza Hashemi

Pages 1715-1722
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Evaluation of rhizobacteria as non-rhizobial inoculants for mung beans

Safa Akhtar and Basharat Ali

Pages 1723-1729
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Effects of plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria and manure on yield and quality properties of Italian ryegrass under semi arid conditions

Halil Yolcu, Metin Turan, Anastasios Lithourgidis, Ramazan Çakmakçi, Ali KOÇ

Pages 1730-1736
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Influence of intrinsic soil factors on genotype-by-environment interactions governing micronutrient content of milled rice grains

S.S. Pandian, S. Robin, K.K. Vinod, S. Rajeswari, S. Manonmani, K.S. Subramanian, R. Saraswathi, A.P.M. Kirubhakaran

Pages 1737-1744
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Inheritance pattern of yield attributes in spring wheat at grain filling stage under different temperature regimes

Jehanzeb Farooq, Ihsan Khaliq, Muhammad Amjad Ali, Muhammad Kashif, Aziz-ur Rehman, Muhammad Naveed, Qurban Ali, Wajad Nazeer and Amjad Farooq

Pages 1745-1753
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Molecular identification of some turfgrass cultivars and their resistance to Fusarium graminearum

A. Al-Humaid, G. H. Ibrahim and M.I. Motawei

Pages 1754-1759
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Water and solar radiation productivity of double-crops in a humid temperate area

Van Opstal, N.V., Caviglia, O.P., Melchiori, R.J.M.

Pages 1760-1766
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AMMI analysis to comprehend genotype-by-environment (G × E) interactions in rainfed grown mungbean (Vigna radiata L.)

P. Thangavel,  A. Anandan, R. Eswaran

Pages 1767-1775
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Assessment of growth and yield components following the application of different biological fertilizers on soybean (Glycine max L.) cultivation 

I. Zarei, E. M. Khah, G. Mohammadi, S. Petropoulos

Pages 1776-1782
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High frequency somatic embryogenesis in mustard crop (Brassica juncea L. cv. Pusa Jai kisan): Microscopic and histological analyses

M. Akmal, T. Nafis, K. J. Mirza, P. Alam, A. Mohammad, A. Mujib and M. Z. Abdin

Pages 1783-1789
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Evaluation of the genetic diversity and genome-wide linkage disequilibrium of Chinese maize inbred lines

Ming Wang, Xiaobo Zhang, Jiuran Zhao, Wei Song, Yonglian Zheng

Pages 1790-1795
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Patterns of color formation in different fibers during development of colored cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) cultivars

Meiling Zhang, Xianliang Song, Xuezhen Sun, Zhenlin Wang, Qinglong Zhao, Zongtai Li, Hong Ji, and Xiaolong Xu

Pages 1796-1800
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Selection of molecular markers associated with resistance to Fusarium wilt disease in chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) using multivariate statistical techniques

Kaveh Haji-Allahverdipoor, Bahman Bahramnejad, Jahanshir Amini

Pages 1801-1809
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Physiological and biochemical changes in rice associated with high night temperature stress and their amelioration by exogenous application of ascorbic acid (vitamin C)

Farooq Shah, Jianliang Huang, Kehui Cui, Lixiao Nie, Tariq Shah, Wei Wu, Kai Wang, Zafar Hayat Khan, Liyang Zhu, and Chang Chen

Pages 1810-1816
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Selected potential encapsulation-dehydration parameters on Dendrobium Bobby Messina protocorm-like bodies using TTC analysis

Jessica Jeyanthi James Antony, Uma Rani Sinniah, Chan Lai Keng, Ranjetta Pobathy, Amir Ali Khoddamzadeh, Sreeramanan Subramaniam

Pages 1817-1822
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Review article

An overview of cotton leaf curl virus disease (CLCuD) a serious threat to cotton productivity

Amjad Farooq, Jehanzeb Farooq, Abid Mahmood, Asia Batool, Abdul Rehman, Amir Shakeel, Muhammad Riaz, Muhammad Tasdiq Hussain Shahid, Saira Mehboob

Pages 1823-1831
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Determination of genetic diversity in watermelon [Citrullus lanatus (Thunb.) Matsum & Nakai] germplasm

Zehra Ipek Uluturk, Anne Frary, Sami Doganlar

Pages 1832-1836
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AMMI stability value and simultaneous estimation of yield and yield stability in bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Ezatollah Farshadfar, Nasrin Mahmodi, Anita Yaghotipoor

Pages 1837-1844
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Normalized difference vegetation index relationships with rainfall patterns and yield in small plantings of rain-fed sugarcane

Wuttichai Gunnula, Manit Kosittrakun, Timothy L. Righetti, Pipat Weerathaworn, Mayura Prabpan

Pages 1845-1851
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Lower total soluble sugars in vegetative parts of soybean plants are responsible for reduced pod number under shading conditions

Bing LIU, Yan-sheng LI, Xiao-bing LIU, Cheng WANG, Jian JIN, S.J. Herbert

Pages 1852-1857
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Stigmasterol seed treatment alleviates the drastic effect of NaCl and improves quality and yield in flax plants

H.A. Hashem, F.M. Bassuony, R.A. Hassanein, D.M. Baraka, and R.R. Khalil

Pages 1858-1867
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Gene actions involved in yield and yield contributing traits of chilli (Capsicum annuum L.)

M. Hasanuzzaman and Faruq Golam

Pages 1868-1875
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Research Note

Reporting numbers in agriculture and biology: Don't overdo  the digits

Marcin Kozak, Ricardo Antunes Azevedo, Justyna Jupowicz-Kozak, Wojtek Krzanowski

Pages 1876-1881
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Evaluation of genetic variability of kenaf (Hibiscus cannabinus L.) from different geographic origins using morpho-agronomic traits and multivariate analysis

Faruq Golam, Alamgir M.A, Rahman M.M, Subha B, Motior M.R

Pages 1882-1890
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