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7(5) 2013

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Effects of common lambsquarters (Chenopodium album L.) emergence time and density on growth and competition of maize (Zea mays L.)

Vahid Sarabi*, Mehdi Nassiri Mahallati, Ahmad Nezami, Mohammad Hasan Rashed Mohassel

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High-affinity potassium uptake in seedlings of two citrus rootstocks Carrizo citrange (
Citrus sinensis [L.] Osb. × Poncirus trifoliata [L.] Raf.) and Cleopatra mandarin (Citrus reshni Hort. ex Tanaka)

F. Caballero, F. García-Sánchez*, V. Gimeno, J. P. Syvertsen, V. Martínez and F. Rubio

Pages 538-542 | Full Text PDF

Efficacy of sowing date adjustment as a management strategy to cope with rice (Oryza sativa L.) seed quality deterioration due to elevated temperature

Liyang Zhu, Farooq Shah, Lixiao Nie, Kehui Cui, Tariq Shah, Wei Wu, Yutio Chen, Chang Chen, Kai Wang, Qiang Wang, Yun Lian and Jianliang Huang*

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Genetic analysis of durable adult plant stripe rust resistance in durum wheat cultivars

B. Singh, U. K. Bansal, R. A. Hare and H. S. Bariana*

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Exogenous benzoic acid (BZA) treatment can induce drought tolerance in soybean plants by improving gas-exchange and chlorophyll contents

Shakeel Ahmad Anjum, Ehsanullah, Lanlan Xue, Longchang Wang*, Muhammad Farrukh Saleem, Cheng-jian Huang

Pages 555-560 | Full Text PDF

Genotypic characterization of elite Indian wheat genotypes using molecular markers and their pedigree analysis

Rekha Malik, Ratan Tiwari*, Apoorva Arora, Pardeep Kumar, Sonia Sheoran, Pradeep Sharma, Rajender Singh, Vinod Tiwari and Indu Sharma

Pages 561-567 | Full Text PDF | Supplementary data

Effects of calcium treatment applied around the root zone on nutrient concentrations and morphological traits of papaya seedlings (Carica papaya L. cv. Eksotika II)

Babak Madani, Mahmud Tengku Muda Mohamed*, Yahya Awang, Jugah Kadir, Villas D. Patil

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Induction of fine roots in Leucaena leucocephala using Agrobacterium rhizogenes

Mohammed Saifuddin, Divya Mariam Chandy, Normaniza Osman, Norzulaani Binti Khalid

Pages 573-579 | Full Text PDF

Grain quality traits in triticale influenced by field salinity stress

Maryam Salehi, Ahmad Arzani*

Pages 580-587 | Full Text PDF

Comparative proteomic analysis of rice stripe virus (RSV)-resistant and -susceptible rice cultivars

Yanhua Yang, Li Dai, Hengchuan Xia, Keming Zhu, Xiaoyong Liu, Keping Chen*

Pages 588-593 | Full Text PDF | Supplementary data

Alteration in chlorophyll fluorescence, lipid peroxidation and antioxidant enzymes activities in hybrid ramie (Boehmeria nivea L.) under drought stress 

Chengjian Huang, Siyi Zhao, Longchang Wang*, Shakeel Ahmad Anjum, Man Chen, Hangfei Zhou, Congming Zou

Pages 594-599 | Full Text PDF

Yield gap analysis of super hybrid rice between two subtropical environments

Min Huang, Ligeng Jiang, Bing Xia, Yingbin Zou*, Peng Jiang and Hejun Ao

Pages 600-608 | Full Text PDF

Evaluation of grain yield and some agronomic characters in durum wheat (Triticum turgidum L.) under rainfed conditions

Leila Zarei*, Kianoosh Cheghamirza, Ezatollah Farshadfar

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Effect of NH4+/NO3
- ratios on the growth and bolting stem glucosinolate content of Chinese kale (Brassica alboglabra L.H. Bailey)

Gui-xiao La*, Tie-gang Yang, Ping Fang, Hong-xia Guo, Xi Hao, Shu-mei Huang

Pages 618-624 | Full Text PDF

Potential antioxidant activities of methanolic extracts of Spider lily (Hymenocallis littoralis)

Jeevandran Sundarasekar, Geethaa Sahgal, Safiah Ahmad Mubbarakh, Sreeramanan Subramaniam*

Pages 625-631 | Full Text PDF

Yield and yield components in autotetraploid and diploid rice genotypes (indica and japonica) sown in early and late seasons

Muhammad Qasim Shahid, Ya-Juan Li, Muhammad Farrukh Saleem, Muhammad Naeem, Chang-Min Wei, Xiang-Dong Liu*

Pages 632-641 | Full Text PDF

A study on the use of low cost substrata against agar for non-symbiotic seed culture of Cymbidium iridioides D. Don

Chitta Ranjan Deb* and Aolemla Pongener

Pages 642-649 | Full Text PDF

Characterization of rice (Oryza sativa) evapotranspiration using micro paddy lysimeter and class “A” pan in tropical environments

Abubakar Sadiq Abdullahi*, Mohammad Amin Mohammad Soom, Desa Ahmad and Abdul Rashid Mohamed Shariff

Pages 650-658 | Full Text PDF

cDNA-SCoT: A novel rapid method for analysis of gene differential expression in sugarcane and other plants

Jian-Ming Wu, Yang-Rui Li*, Li-Tao Yang*, Feng-Xue Fang, Huan-zhong Song, Hong-Qin Tang, Miao Wang, Meng-Ling Weng

Pages 659-664 | Full Text PDF

Critical period of weed control in aerobic rice system

Jaya Suria Arul Sebastain Micheal, Abdul Shukor Juraimi, Ahmad Selamat, Azmi Man, Md. Parvez Anwar and Md Kamal Uddin

Pages 665-673 | Full Text PDF

Response of soil microbial biomass and enzymes activity to cadmium (Cd) toxicity under different soil textures and incubation times

Waseem Hassan*, Muhammad Akmal, Ibrahim Muhammad, Muhammad Younas, Kashif Rafiq Zahaid, Farhan Ali*

Pages 674-680 | Full Text PDF

Accumulation patterns of phenylpropanoids and enzymes in East Indian sandalwood tree undergoing developmental progression in vitro

Biswapriya B. Misra*, Satyahari Dey

Pages 681-690 | Full Text PDF

Effect of adenine, sucrose and plant growth regulators on the indirect organogenesis and on  in vitro flowering in Begonia x hiemalis Fotsch.

Asmah Awal, Abdul Bakrudeen Ali Ahmed*, Rosna Mat Taha, Jamilah Syafawati Yaacob and Sadegh Mohajer

Pages 691-698 | Full Text PDF

Development of an expert system based on wavelet transform and artificial neural networks for the ripe tomato harvesting robot

Arman Arefi* and Asad Modarres Motlagh

Pages 699-705 | Full Text PDF

Nitrogen changes in the leaves and accumulation of some minerals in the seeds of red, white and Chitti beans (Phaseolus vulgaris) under water deficit conditions

Ali Akbar Ghanbari, Mohammad Reza Shakiba*, Mahmood Toorchi, Rajab Choukan

Pages 706-712 | Full Text PDF

Effect of phosphite supply in nutrient solution on yield, phosphorus nutrition and enzymatic behavior in common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) plants

Fabricio William Ávila, Valdemar Faquin, Allan Klynger da Silva Lobato, Patrícia Andressa Ávila, Douglas José Marques, Elaine Maria Silva Guedes, Daniel Kean Yuen Tan

Pages 713-722 | Full Text PDF

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