Volume 7 Issue 2 | February 2013 issue
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7(2) 2013

Collection, characterization and evaluation of wild Hedysarum coronarium L. populations from Andalusia (southern Spain) Open Access

Eva María Córdoba, Salvador Nadal, Belén Román, Clara Isabel Gónzalez-Verdejo

Page 165-172 | Full Text PDF | Supplementary data

Environmental modification of wheat grain protein accumulation and associated processing quality: a case study of China
Open Access

Lingan Kong, Jisheng Si, Bin Zhang, Bo Feng, Shengdong Li, Fahong Wang

Page 173-181 | Full Text PDF

Genetic analysis of important loci in the winter wheat backbone parent Aimengniu-V
Open Access

Chunhua Zhao, Fa Cui, Zhongqing Fan, Jun Li, Anming Ding, Honggang Wang

Page 182-188 | Full Text PDF

Molecular stability of protocorm-like bodies of Dendrobium sonia-28 after encapsulation-dehydration and vitrification
Open Access

Ranjetta Poobathy, Rathinam Xavier, Uma Rani Sinniah and Sreeramanan Subramaniam

Page 189-195 | Full Text PDF

Review article
Understanding crop-ecology and agronomy of Rosa damascena Mill. for higher productivity
Open Access

Probir Kumar Pal, Rakesh Deosharan Singh

Page 196-205 | Full Text PDF

Expression of Calotropis procera expansin gene CpEXPA3 enhances cotton fibre strength
Open Access

Kamran Shehzad Bajwa, Ahmad Ali Shahid, Abdul Qayyum Rao, Muhammad Sarfraz kiani, Muhammad Aleem Ashraf, Abdelhafiz Adam Dahab, Allah Bakhsh, Ayesha Latif, Muhammad Azmat Ullah Khan, Agung Nugroho Puspito, Asiya Aftab, Aftab Bashir and Tayyab Husnain 

Page 206-212 | Full Text PDF

Glycinebetaine alleviates water deficit stress in indica rice using proline accumulation, photosynthetic efficiencies, growth performances and yield attributes
Open Access

Suriyan Cha-um, Thapanee Samphumphuang, Chalermpol Kirdmanee

Page 213-218 | Full Text PDF

Isolation and characterization of an ethylene-responsive element binding protein (EgEREBP) from oil palm (Elaeis guineensis)
Open Access

Vahid Omidvar, Siti Nor Akmar Abdullah, Chai Ling Ho, Maziah Mahmood

Page 219-226 | Full Text PDF

Combined herbicidal effect of two natural products (sorgoleone and hairy root extract of tartary buckwheat) on crops and weeds
Open Access

Md Romij Uddin, Kee Woong Park, Jong Yeong Pyon, and Sang-Un Park

Page 227-233 | Full Text PDF

A new effective fluorescent labeling method for anti-counterfeiting of tobacco seed using Rhodamine B
Open Access

Yajing Guan, Yongping Li, Jin Hu, Wenguang Ma, Yunye Zheng, Shuijin Zhu

Page 234-240 | Full Text PDF

Intensified Alternaria spot disease under potassium deficiency conditions results in acceleration of cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) leaf senescence
Open Access

Jingqing Zhao, Fuqiang Zhao, Guiliang Jian, Yuxia Ye, Wenwei Zhang, Jiasheng Li, Fangjun Qi

Page 241-248 | Full Text PDF

Alleviation of salt stress-induced adverse effects on maize plants by exogenous application of indoleacetic acid (IAA) and inorganic nutrients - A field trial
Open Access

Cengiz Kaya, Muhammad. Ashraf, Murat Dikilitas, Atilla L. Tuna

Page 249-254 | Full Text PDF

Micropropagation of the endangered desert shrub Haloxylon persicum
Open Access

Mahmoud A-H. Mohamed, Abdulaziz M. Assaeed, Hamdy N. Yousuf

Page 255-260 | Full Text PDF

Genetic diversity assessment of cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) genotypes from Pakistan using simple sequence repeat markers
Open Access

Abdelhafiz  Adam Dahab, Muhammad Saeed, Bahaeldeen Babiker Mohamed, Muhammad Aleem Ashraf, Agung Nugroho Puspito, Kamran Shehzad Bajwa Ahmad Ali Shahid, Tayyab Husnain

Page 261-267 | Full Text PDF

Evaluation of genetic parameters of agronomic and morpho-physiological indicators of drought tolerance in bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) using diallel mating design
Open Access

Ezatollah Farshadfar, Fariba Rafiee, Hojjat Hasheminasab

Page 268-275 | Full Text PDF

Phytochemical screening and antioxidant activity assessment of the leaf stem and root of (Labisia paucifolia)
Open Access

Hawa Z.E. Jaafar, Ehsan Karimi, Mohd Hafiz Ibrahim, Ali Ghasemzadeh

Page 276-280 | Full Text PDF

Callus induction, plant regeneration and somaclonal variation in in vivo and in vitro grown White shrimp plant (Justicia betonica Linn.)
Open Access

Jamilah Syafawati Yaacob, Rosna Mat Taha, Norizam Jaafar, Zuliana Hasni, Hashimah Elias, Normadiha Mohamed

Page 281-288 | Full Text PDF

Influence of natural saline-alkali stress on chlorophyll content and chloroplast ultrastructure of two contrasting rice (Oryza sativa L. japonica) cultivars
Open Access

Wang Xing, Jingguo Wang, Hualong Liu, Detang Zou, Hongwei Zhao

Page 289-292 | Full Text PDF

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