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7(6) 2013

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Wheat TaWRKY10-1 is involved in biological responses to the salinity and osmostresses in transgenic Arabidopsis plants

Ming Li, Bo Ding, Junbin Wang, Wenli Yang, Rui Wang, Shuguang Bao, Silin Zhong, Xiaodong Xie*

Pages 723-729 | Full Text PDF

Existence of bioactive flavonoids in rhizomes and plant cell cultures of Boesenbergia rotunda (L.) Mansf. Kulturpfl.

Nor Azma Yusuf, M. Suffian M. Annuar and Norzulaani Khalid*

Pages 730-734 | Full Text PDF

Effects of potassium on yield, photosynthate distribution, enzymes’ activity and ABA content in storage roots of sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas Lam.) 

Hongjuan LIU, Chunyu SHI*, Haifeng ZHANG, Zhenzhen WANG, Shasha CHAI

Pages 735-743 | Full Text PDF

Morphology of trichomes in Pogostemon cablin Benth. (lamiaceae)

Amalia Rusydi, Noraini Talip, Jalifah Latip, Ruzi Abdul Rahman, and Idris Sharif

Pages 744-749 | Full Text PDF

Delayed softening of papaya (Carica papaya L. cv. Sekaki) fruit by 1-methylcyclopropene (1-MCP) during ripening at ambient and low temperature storage conditions

Azhane Ahmad, Zainon Mohd. Ali and Zamri Zainal*

Pages 750-757 | Full Text PDF

Cryopreservation of Malayan kumquat (Fortunella polyandra) embryonic axes by vitrification

Omar Mahmoud Al Zoubi and Normah Mohd Noor*

Pages 758-762 | Full Text PDF

Comparison of the effectiveness of ISSR and SSR markers in determination of date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) agronomic traits

HammadiHamza*, Mohammed Ali Ben Abederrahim, Mokhtar Elbekkay and Ali Ferchichi

Pages 763-769 | Full Text PDF

Antioxidant response of some Georgian wheat species to simulated acid rain

Nani Kacharava, Eva Chkhubianishvili, Gulnara Badridze*, Shota Chanishvili, and Lamara Mazanishvili

Pages 770-776 | Full Text PDF

cDNA cloning and expression analysis of the chalcone synthase gene (CHS) from Polygonum minus

Nur Diyana Roslan, Cheng-Seng Tan, Ismanizan Ismail and Zamri Zainal*

Pages 777-783 | Full Text PDF

inoculation and the supply of molybdenum and lime affect the uptake of macroelements in common bean (P. vulgaris L.) plants.

Joachim H.J.R. Makoi, Sylvia Bambara and Patrick A. Ndakidemi*

Pages 784-793 | Full Text PDF

Studies on the resistance of some Australasian chickpeas (Cicer arietinum L.) to Phytophthora root rot disease

Wenhua Du*, Xiaochun Zhao, Tokachichu Raju, Phil Davies, Richard Trethowan

Pages 794-800 | Full Text PDF

Growth response and plant water status in forage sorghum [Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench] cultivars subjected to decreasing levels of soil moisture

Ahmad Sher, Lorenzo Barbanti*, Muhammad Ansar and Muhammad Azim Malik

Pages 801-808 | Full Text PDF

Indices of competition and bio-agroeconomic efficiency of lettuce and tomato intercrops in greenhouses

Arthur Bernardes Cecílio Filho*, Francisco Bezerra Neto, Bráulio Luciano Alves Rezende, Leilson Costa Grangeiro, and Jailma Suerda Silva de Lima

Pages 809-819 | Full Text PDF

Quantitative trait loci controlling amino acid contents in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Xiaoling Jiang, Zhiying Deng, Zhengang Ru, Peng Wu, Jichun Tian*

Pages 820-829 | Full Text PDF | Supplementary data

Phenotypic variation and the relationships among jute (Corchorus species) genotypes using morpho-agronomic traits and multivariate analysis

Ranjit Kumar Ghosh, Tanee Sreewongchai, Sutkhet Nakasathien and Chalermpol Phumichai*

Pages 830-842 | Full Text PDF

Effects of potassium on organic acid metabolism of Fe-sensitive and Fe-resistant rices (Oryza sativa L.)

Yue-Ping WANG, Yu-Huan WU,  Peng LIU*, Guo-Hong ZHENG, Jian-Ping ZHANG, Gen-Di XU

Pages 843-848 | Full Text PDF

Cytomorphological and molecular evidences of synthesis of interspecific hybrids between Brassica rapa and B. fruticulosa through sexual hybridization

Arun Kumar, Binay K. Singh*, Vijay V. Singh and Jitendra S. Chauhan

Pages 849-854 | Full Text PDF

Fumigant toxicity of essential oil from Salvia leriifolia (Benth) against two stored product insect pests

Bahman Hosseini*, Alireza Estaji, Seyed Mehdi Hashemi

Pages 855-860 | Full Text PDF

Effect of mild vacuum packaging on cut Matthiola incana L. flowers vase life

Silvia Pacifici, Antonio Ferrante, Anna Mensuali-Sodi*

Pages 861-869 | Full Text PDF

Effect of deep placement of nitrogen fertilizer on growth, yield, and nitrogen uptake of aerobic rice

Jing Xiang, Van Ryan Haden, Shaobing Peng, Bas A.M. Bouman, Jianliang Huang, Kehui Cui, Romeo M. Visperas, Defeng Zhu, Yuping Zhang, Huizhe Chen

Pages 870-877 | Full Text PDF

Molecular detection of QTL for agronomic and quality traits in a doubled haploid barley population

Xifeng Ren, Dongfa Sun*, Genlou Sun, Chengdao Li and Wubei Dong

Pages 878-886 | Full Text PDF

Identification of new SRAP markers linked to leaf chlorophyll content, flag leaf senescence and cell membrane stability traits in wheat under water-stressed condition

Adel Ahmed Elshafei, Mohamed Saleh, Abdullah Abdlulaziz Al-Doss, Khaled Ahmed Moustafa, Fahed Hamed Al-Qurainy and Mohamed Najeb Barakat*

Pages 887-893 | Full Text PDF

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